COOL BLUE™ Insulated Box Liners feature heat reflecting technology that acts as a shield against the three types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiant. The bubbles and poly prevent conduction and convection heat transfer while the foil reflects 97% of radiant heat.

    Insulated Box Liners cost less than traditional foam insulation and takes up less space. Adhesive strip ensures a tight seal. FDA Approved high quality foil provides greater insulation and control of temperature ranges. Tests have shown that our Insulated Box Liners insulation retains the desired temperature for several days.
  • Ice Bricks are great for cold transport of various foods, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood samples, medicines, chocolates, meats and other perishable items
    Ice Brick Shipping Packs
  • EPS Containers - Sturdy and Dependable

Welcome to Thermal Packaging Systems

Thermal Packaging Systems Inc, established in 2001, is the merger of a 25 year old Foam Packaging Corporation and a 12 year old High Technology Materials Research and Development Corp. Our combined goal was to analyze the “physics of cold”, engineer and produce superior thermal transit systems and products for the cold chain market.

Our products and systems are the triumphant result of intensive concept, research, application and development of  films, insulation, closures and advanced packout designs.

Our Mission:

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